When I first travelled off the African continent I used a film camera and sent postcards home to my family to tell them how I was getting on. I went prepared with a paper map of the London underground and a phone book with contact numbers of friends already in England. It was quite an adventure.

Last year I went to China and Tibet. I loved it. the people were friendly, helpful and honest. The country was spectacular with way more to see than we could manage in the month that we had. I didn't bother with maps and guide books, I just carried my iPhone and bought a local sim card. I had to change my search engine from Google to Bing due to local restrictions but no big hardship. Never sent a postcard, never saw any to be honest. Took a lot of photos, no film of course. I used a pair of Sony APSC cameras which I really enjoyed. Very light and versatile.

The images on this gallery reflect my fascination with tourists taking photos of themselves with scenic spots in the background. Yes I know about selfies, but these are mostly not selfies. Frequently they are carefully posed and shot by other members of the family or tour group. Just regular people having a good time and taking photos to prove it or remember it. I often wonder how the photos turned out.
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